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Final Thoughts

January 11, 2011

Looking at the various areas and contexts that exist in video game music has given me a great understanding of them as a medium of entertainment and art (all though if video games can be considered art is a debate for another time) and the role music has in it.

One of the things I picked up upon while doing my CEP is that there isn’t a lot in the way of academic research/discussion or books written on video games and their relationship with music (which couldn’t be said for film scoring, for example). This is in part due to video games themselves being a relatively new medium and composing for them even more so.

I feel that my enquiry into video game music, as well as composing music for my own small game, has given me a greater understanding of what video games mean to me as a context for my practice as a composer and digital artist. It is my wish to compose  for more games in the future, whether they be my own or another game developers. I feel that my CEP has given me an advantageous understanding of video games as a context that a composer unfamiliar to the medium wouldn’t have.

Creating the simple video game for my CEP has made me interested in pursuing this aspect of my Digital Arts Practices further. Even though my game is fairly simple in nature, I have learnt a lot by making and scoring it.


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