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A slight change on what I proposed to do regarding the arangement of Video Game Music

November 17, 2010

Originally, In my CEP proposal, I said that I wanted to take some video game music out of its original context by arranging some pieces, in a new style and context. But, in light of the fact that I’m now making a game and producing original music and SFX for it I have abandoned that plan, to focus on that.

Instead of arranging any music myself I will explore some that has already been done by artists, to see what can be gained or observed by taking video game music out of its original context and ‘forcing a context onto it.’ By this I mean, if someone has taken some music from an old video game and remixed and arranged it into a dance track they have placed a whole new context onto the music, whilst still retaining the context of being video game music.

I will look at the importance of fan remixing and arrangement on the ‘culture’ of video game music and why in a lot of cases the original music’s’ composers condone and support the venture.

So I’m still basically doing what I indented to do, I just won’t be arranging the music myself anymore.


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