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Starting to Make my Game: Pink Hair Girl Vs………

November 11, 2010

As I’ve already mentioned, this will be my first proper game that I’ve ever made, so I’m using a few things to help me and inform my work:

This tutorial at TigSource and the Creating a Scrolling Shooter tutorial on the Game Maker 8 website have been invaluable as I’ve started to create my game. I had already built a very simple game with Game Maker 8 from the tutorial that comes with the software, so I wasn’t a compete beginner when I came to start work on it. But that’s not to say that I’m not finding it challenging.

Having already deciding on wanting to make a scrolling shooter, I decided to set it in space. And, because I’m no artist, I set to looking for a suitable background for my game and I came across this on the Game Maker Forum:

Which was perfect for what I was looking for. So I created a ‘room’ in Game Maker, with this set as the background and I set the picture to scroll slowly, to give the impression of movement. (Rooms in Game Maker are the locations where the game world is set. You can add and change all manner of things inside the room) Setting it to scroll was as easy at typing in a value for the scrolling speed.

After this I set to looking for the central object that the player would control in the game and move around in the ‘room’. Usually for scrolling shooters set in space it would be some kind of space ship. But I wanted to go for something a little different, just because I was getting bored of seeing the same kind of things in games like this.

I thought some kind of super hero character would serve my purposes well here, so I went looking for a sprite that I could use as the character for my game. I will mention that I had a go at drawing a sprite for my character, but pixel art is a lot harder than I thought, so I looked for some sprites done by proper artists. (Which are available for free on the internet for people to use)

I came across this on La-Solider:

I decided to use this sprite. Partly because it was the right size and facing the right direction for what I was looking for, but also because I thought it’d make an interesting change from a space ship. I imported the sprite into Game Maker and tweaked the sprite a little, giving her pink her to make the sprite stand out against the black background of the ‘room’. Pink Hair Girl was born.

I turned the spite into an object (Objects in Game Maker can be placed in rooms and can move and do all kinds of things) It didn’t take me too long to make my sprite movable via the arrow keys on a keyboard, all though It did take me a while to set the right speed I wanted her to move at.

So, after I had done all that. I had a movable sprite over a scrolling background, which looks something like this in Game Maker:

Next I will add some more objects to the ‘room’ to make the environment more visually interesting. I’m thinking something like asteroids or space phenomena.


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