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I’m going to make a game!

November 10, 2010

There was recently some confusion in regard to who my CEP supervisor for the Digital Arts portion of my CEP was (I’m doing a Hybrid CEP, of Music Composition with Digital Arts Practices).

I got assigned a new supervisor who expressed some concern about there being not enough Digital Arts Practice in my CEP currently. I had a productive chat with him about how I could rectify this situation.

I proposed that I make a small video game and produce all the music and SFX for it. Here is how my Digital Arts supervisor, Darren, said I could look at it:

“Your context – the video game – will inform your music practice – your digital arts practice – creating a (small) video game would form the context for your music practice these two practices can then adapt to each other and you can form a real relationship between them.”

(Which is a handy point of reference from my point of view)

I’m no coder, so I had previously looked at options that would allow me to create a simple game without loads of coding, and came across Game Maker 8, which is software that allows the creation of simple games “without the need to write a single line of code” -Taken from it’s website.

The plan is for me to make the game and produce the music/SFX in tandem and with them informing each other each step of the way, while using what I have learnt contextually about the relationship between video games and music to inform my work. I think it will be really important in helping me appreciate the context and relationship between video games and music, first hand.

I’m going to be using places like TigSource, which is an independent game making forum, with resources and advice for game makers, to help me in the development of the game itself.

At this stage I’m going to do some research into what kind of game I want, and can realistically, make in the time frame I have (and bearing in mind this will be the first game I’ve made). Darren suggested even something simple like Pong would provide an interesting environment for this purpose.

I will of course document the creation of the game and the music/SFX and I will post my progress on here.


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